Beckles – “We need to educate our Coaches” – GBA opens 5 day camp

AIBA Boxing Judge, James Beckles.
AIBA Boxing Judge, James Beckles.

[]International Boxing Association (AIBA) Judge, James Beckles says that it is vitally important to educate and upgrade coaches.

Beckles, who is the facilitator of a five day camp compliments of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) and the Guyana Olympic Association made the comment during the opening ceremony on Wednesday, January 15.

“It is about educating referees and judges in the new system they change regularly but let’s say the changes are basic things referees and judges must take into account,” the Trinidadian said.

He said that continuous education is an important factor in the development of the sport and its officials hence his visit.

Meanwhile, during this morning’s opening ceremony, Sport Director Neil Kumar lauded the development of the Boxing fraternity through the educating of their officials.

This he noted is not something that fellow associations see the importance of and those associations should take a page out of the boxers’ books. GBA boss Steve Ninvalle during his remarks urged the coaches to take in all they can as opportunity wasted is never regained and an AIBA certified coach like Beckles does not come along often.

The course, which concludes on January 19, will see the remaining two days being held at the Guyana Olympic Association while the final two will be held at the Andrew ‘Six’ Head Lewis Gym.



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