Batteries thief jailed for 3 months

Sean Peters

A man who confessed to his crime of stealing was on Wednesday morning jailed by City Magistrate, Fabayo Azore for three months.

Sean Peters, 43, of Calendar Street, Albouystown admitted to stealing two batteries valued $64,000 from Nizam Shaw sometime between July 13-14 2018.

When questioned, Peters told the Court that he sold the batteries but to date only collected a $5000 advance.

He also said that he has a “lil girlfriend” and needed cash to smoke. He further related that he also has a daughter who he cannot afford to support by just washing vehicles which is his job.

Peters told Azore that he doesn’t enjoy stealing but it is something that he always ends up doing which caused him to spend 3 years in prison previously.

After he was jailed for three months he turned to the Court smiling and said “is suh you does wrap them up.”


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