Bath/Woodly Park NDC wants better RDC services


Chairman of the Bath/Woodly Park Neigbourhood Democratic Council Nizam Bicram is demanding that the Regional Democratic Council of Region Five gets its act together by improving the quality of services it is currently providing to the residents within his catchment area.

Emergency works being done at Bath/Woodly Park NDC back in 2016

Bicram also accused the RDC of neglecting his NDC as he bemoaned the reduction in another set of key services once provided to his local government body. He told Inews that NDC councillors are also concerned over reports that the Regional Executive Officer Ovid Morrison is attempting to take possession of some properties that are owned by the NDC.

Morrison reportedly wants possession of the Skills Training Center at Bath which has various types of equipment and machinery that are used by residents in the area to improve their marketability. The REO had demanded via a letter that the keys to the facility be handed over or the padlocks to gain access would be broken and replaced.

Presently, both the NDC and the Regional Administration have locks on the building since the NDC refused to comply with the instructions.

The NDC Chairman says that is just the tip of the iceberg referencing to the 2015 National Poll when most of villages in his NDC supported the now Opposition, PPP. Bicram says it is victimization against the NDC.

Plantation Hope and Experiment which are two of the largest housing schemes in the region, are left neglected with roadways in deplorable conditions.

The Regional Chairman Vickchand Ramphal has distanced himself from the presumed neglect of the NDC saying that he has written to the REO about developmental work which needs to be done but to no avail.



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