Basketball Federation being patient with Klaiber issue



Gordon Klaiber
Gordon Klaiber

[] – National player, Gordon Klaiber should have played as a born Guyanese instead of naturalized Guyanese at the 2014 edition of the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) held earlier this year in July.

Klaiber, at the CBC was forced to play as a naturalized Guyanese, which resulted in Guyana playing with one less international player.

FIBA via a letter to the GABF acknowledged Kaliber’s status as a born Guyanese and declared that Klaiber should have played. With the GABF hinting at seeking legal action, the federation officially stated the progress on the matter.

“The GABF is currently engaged with FIBA to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion for all the players and the GABF,” President of the GABF Nigel Hinds said via email.G-Klaiber-aims-for-a-bucket

Naturalised Guyanese are players who were not born in Guyana, but can play for the country either through their parents being Guyanese or gaining citizenship in the country.

Klaiber was born in Guyana but left before the age of 16 and was not issued a Guyanese passport, but had his birth certificate.


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