Bartica’s ‘Green Market’ 90 percent complete – Mayor Gifford


The Bartica Market restoration project is approximately 90 percent complete. This is according to Mayor Gifford Marshall.

Vendors enjoying the natural light made possible due to the transparent roofing sheets.

According to a report from the Department of Public Information (DPI), Marshall explained, that as the town continues its transformation into a model ‘Green town’, one of the main initiatives has been the G$20Million market restoration project which will be completed soon.

Deputy Mayor of Bartica, Kamal Persaud related that several upgrades have been made including the installation of transparent sheets in the roof to provide more natural light, new doors/shutters, six new stalls and the resurfacing of sidewalks in front of the market. Additionally, black water tanks have been installed in the market area, which benefits the fish vendors and beauty parlours.

Transparent sheets installed in the roof of the market

The market is already functional and visitors, as well as residents, have been purchasing the wide variety of items and services available.

There are still some minor works ongoing, including the installation of an office, upgrading of the waterfront, additional stalls to be installed on the northern section. The Mayor explained that another key aspect of the project will be the separation of waste; into degradable and biodegradable, to boost the facility’s cleanliness.

This project is expected to be one of the town’s largest revenue generators, DPI said.


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