Bartica/Isano road 25% completed



pic2[] – The emergency work underway to fix a one mile stretch of the Bartica/Isano road, Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) is 25 percent completed.

On Thursday July 23, Lawrence Mentis, the engineer overseeing the project; Naeem Mohamed, the Ministry’s hinterland engineer and Lloyd Rollins, Maintenance Supervisor, inspected the progress of the project which began on July 14, 2014.

According to Mr. Mentis, GY$25M approved in the Ministry’s 2014 budget is being utilized to carry out the rehabilitation works. The Force Account Unit within the Ministry is executing the project.

While the road is five miles long, the most impassable section is being fixed with part concrete/asphalt and part coal mix. The Ministry is seeking funding from Central Government to repair other sections of the heavily trafficked thoroughfare.

Nonetheless, Keith Blair Chairman of the United Minibus Union, Bartica Branch, is quite pleased with the project.pic

“The progress is encouraging. I speak for myself and the community and we are very happy with what is going on,” Mr. Blair said. Under the hinterland road rehabilitation programme, the Ministry has set aside GY$1.08B to repair roads countrywide.



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