Bartica resident charged with possession of marijuana


Forty – Five – year old Kamal Khan of Bartica appeared before Magistrate Priya Beharry, charged with the offense of possession of narcotics.

He pleaded not guilty. According to the allegations, on July 27 he had 13 grams of cannabis in his possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Police Prosecutor Bharrat Mangru told the court that on the day in question police went to the suspect’s home to investigate a threatening language matter and conducted a search in the house occupied by the accused where 13 grams of the illegal substance were found concealed in a zip lock bag.

According to the prosecutor, the man was told about the offense committed and he admitted that he is the only person who occupies the building.

The police prosecutor objected to bail based on the penalty the offense attracts and the likelihood that the accused may not return to court for trial. The Chief Magistrate refused bail and Khan is to make his next court appearance on August 08 at the Bartica Magistrates Court. [Royan Abrams]



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