Barry Dataram, wife & others remanded on cocaine charge

Barry Dataram. [iNews' Photo]

Barry Dataram. [iNews' Photo]
Barry Dataram. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Barry Dataram, his wife and two others charged with trafficking over 129 kg of cocaine was refused bail by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Monday, April 20.

Barry Dataram, a businessman, his common – law wife, 19 – year – old Anjanie Budnarine, Carpenter Trevor Gouveia of Bess Village and Labourer Komal Charran, 20, of Lot 265 Bell West, all pleaded not guilty to the charge.

It is alleged that on Thursday, April 16 at Lot 661 Fourth Avenue Block X Diamond, East Bank Demerara, they had in their possession 129.230 kilogrammes of cocaine, for the purpose of trafficking.

Anjanie Budnarine. [iNews' Photo]
Anjanie Budnarine. [iNews’ Photo]
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Stephen Telford told the Court that Dataram and Budnarine shared a common law relationship and reside at the address mentioned in the charge.

Telford noted that Dataram is Guyanese by birth but obtained US citizenship, while Gouveia and Charran are friends of Dataram. The Court heard that on the day in question, ranks from the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) raided the home where all four defendants were found with the illegal drug.

Attorney – at – Law, Glenn Hanoman stated that the address of Dataram and Budnarine are disputed, since Dataram resides at Vriesland, just beyond Patentia village on West Bank of Demerara. He added that Budnarine lives at Lot 79 Patentia Housing Scheme, which is the neighboring village to Dataram.

Trevor Gouveia. [iNews' Photo]
Trevor Gouveia. [iNews’ Photo]
The Defence counsel said the house which CANU alleged the drug was found is accessible to multiple persons. Hanoman said Budnarine was with her 11 month old son at the time of the arrest, since she took her child to see his father.

He argued that Dataram has passed through the Courts before and suffered a lot by the prosecution, who are trying secure a conviction for him.

Komal Charran. [iNews' Photo]
Komal Charran. [iNews’ Photo]
The lawyer requested bail for Budnarine, stating that she has no relatives to take care of the child she is still breastfeeding.

Bail was denied and the matter was adjourned to May 07.




  1. Lock these low life and throw away they key let see what penalty these Judges in Guyana will give them or bribery will play a role here we justice no bail for these kind of people.

  2. It looks like Anjanie tek way Barry from “Green”. “Green” has become the green-eyed monster. Its the only way “Green” could know that Barry got small balls.

    Anyway “Green”, keep yuh private life out ah de comments section.

    On a relevant note; it looks like the PPP/Crooks campaign fund gonna take a hit now.

  3. breast feeding? i wonder whats in the breast? coke or milk? dont let her out to gather up the loose ends police still looking at..i tell u what..look at her and look at like beauty n de beast…if he ant gat a pile of dough she wont piss on cotton wool an gee he to money got she there..barry guts hanging over he small balls and she want he? come on gimme a break..she would do anything for that kind of dough…even meck a pickney to seal de deal..anyone think there is love there? of yea love alright..lover on her part for money…time up..seize all his assets …give the bbaby to her family if they want it if not foster care..if she know she has to breast feed baby then she should have never spread she legs for the love of money..inews this might sound rough but its not..its women like her that cause men to eyepass women…i wish they be jailed for life…could u imagine how neighbors of theirs are terrified of them knowing what they deal with?? these are the people that torment their neighbors but neighbors cant like him are well connected..


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