Barber accused of threatening to kill neighbour placed on bail


A barber who was accused of subjecting one of his neighbours to regular verbal abuse and death threats, was yesterday granted $15,000 bail when he appeared at the Wales Magistrate’s Court.

Dereck Hunte, 22, of Lot 441 Onderneeming, Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, denied the allegations which stated that on August 11, he threatened Petal Odie of Lot 385 Onderneeming, WBD.

Dereck Hunte
Dereck Hunte

According to the Prosecution’s case, the barber constantly threatens to kill the Odie.

The court heard that on the day in question, Odie was at home when the defendant approached her, which caused an argument between the two. He was said to have uttered a series of expletives, which preceded his ghastly declaration: “I’m gonna kill her!”

The court also heard that Odie feared for her life, which propelled her to report the matter at the La Grange Police Station.

When presiding Magistrate Clive Nurse asked the defendant if he agreed to the evidence as presented by the Prosecution, he appeared not to have comprehended the facts.

“I wasn’t listening,” expressed the defendant, who showed some seeming difficulty in answering the questions the Magistrate posited.

After reviewing the particulars of the case, Nurse placed the defendant on a bond to keep the peace for the duration of the court matter.

Hunte will make his next court appearance on August 29.






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