Bar owners, workers arrested for breaching curfew

Altitude Bar
SleepIn on Church Street

As part of the COVID-19 Taskforce Lockdown Operation, ranks of the Guyana Police Force swooped down on several bars and night clubs in Georgetown that were in breach of the curfew.

Back in January, authorities lifted the restrictions for bars, which are now allowed to be open between 4am and 9:30pm. However, there have been complaints that several of these remain open passed that curfew time.

As such, last night and early this morning, between 22:00h and 03:30h, ranks from the National Covid Task Force, Guyana Defense Force and the Guyana Police Force conducted an Operation in Regional Division 4A (Georgetown).

Altitude Bar

During this operation, several persons were detained for breaching the curfew at the following locations:-

Sleep-In Bar & Casino
Proprietor Clifton Bacchus and two (2) bartenders.
At the casino ten (10) Chinese nationals eight (8) males (2) females.

Club Altitude Sandy Babb St Kitty, Georgetown.
Proprietor Meer Rahaman.
ten (10) males and (8) females patrons.

Kairos Bar Charlotte street Bourda, Georgetown.
Manager Mark Alleyen .

Club Privilege Main St Georgetown.
Bartender Delon Moffett and his assistant Akeem Carmichael.

They were all placed on cash bail pending court. There was no incident, the police said.