Banks DIH hands over CMRC Driver Sponsorships


Carrey Griffith[] – Beverage giants Banks DIH handed over sponsorships for their drivers ahead of Sunday’s Caribbean Motor Racing Championships final leg.

The company handed over sponsorship to drivers Andrew King, Afrazz Allie, Danny Persaud And Super Bike Rider Carey Griffith Earlier today, Thursday November 21.

Speaking to the media, representative of Banks DIH Brian Choo- En said that the company is happy to support the development of the sport and its participants as well.

Danny Persaud, who will be competing in the group 3 category said that he has been able to develop his car this meet and will be faster than previous outings where we was 0.8 seconds off the lap record.

Persaud, who pilots a modified Mazda Miata added that his team is looking to make their mark on the group but predicted a surprise come this weekend.

Group 2 CRMC competitor Afraz Allie, who was sponsored under the R1 White Ice brand, says that his main focus of his team is to continue the progress they have been getting at South Dakota and look for the top spot.

The group 2 competitor who will sit behind the wheel of a Toyota Starlet was one of Guyana’s representatives earlier this year in the CMRC first leg in Jamaica.

Carey Griffith, one of the superbike B Class rider believes that for a company like banks to sponsor him, then he must be doing something right and is looking to continue that come Sunday.



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