Bandits terrorize, rob Good Hope family


A Good Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) family is now left traumatised after four bandits invaded their Lot 618 Good Hope, ECD home in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and relived them of cash and jewellery.

According to 53-year-old Roopnarine Sukdeho also known as “Ghandi”, who is an occupant of one of the houses in the yard, he was over at his neighbour and had retired home at about 02:00h. He said while entering his home, he heard loud noises coming from his son’s house, which is at the back of his.

One of the bedrooms that was ransacked

Sukdeho related that upon checking, he was confronted by four men, who tied him and his son up, and sprayed a substance in their faces, which caused them to doze off. This newspaper was told that the men then raided the houses in the yard. The family is alleging that the bandits made off with a quantity of jewellery and an undisclosed amount of cash that was taken from the houses on the property.

“My children work hard for what they have…. everything loss…me nah tek this suh”, the man said.

Sukdeho further added that none of his family members received any injuries, but they are fearful. In their bid to escape, Sukdeho said the bandits left a bicycle behind.

Divisional Commander, Royston Andries Junor when contacted said that no report was made about the robbery. The Commander said he would not doubt that the family did make attempts to contact the Police Station, but no report was made, and therefore no record was taken of a robbery in that vicinity.

The Commander further explained though he is willing to commence an investigation into the matter but they need to report the incident.