Bandits terrorize Corentyne family

The that was invaded
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The home that was invaded

At least four bandits robbed a Corentyne family of three on Christmas Eve while threatening to rape a 9-year-old.

At about 22:30h on Monday three masked men all carrying firearms forced their way into a two storey house situated at No. 46 Village Corentyne, region Six (east Berbice/Corentyne).

Chandrawattie Singh also called Asha, 54, a housewife said her 9-year-old granddaughter was just dropped off and she as she was closing the door behind her, someone pulled it open.

“A person with black all over pull open the door. I see two other persons coming behind. One come up to me and put a gun to my face and say don’t holla. They say they want money and jewelry.”

She told them that she did not have any money. She was placed to sit on the floor with her granddaughter besides her.

“Tomorrow is Christmas, so you can’t tell me that you don’t have money,” she said one of the men told her.

“Bring the money. This house get money, you all doing business,” they reportedly insisted.

Singh said she was punched in the face as she told them that they do not do business.

However, the bandits all of whom were masked claimed that Singh was a money lender but she insisted that she does not do that business.

The bandits were not convinced and took a finger ring which Singh was wearing then ransacked the two bedrooms.

After not getting anything that they were looking for the bandits threatened to shoot the granddaughter but Singh begged and repeated her claim that she had no money.

“They say that we got to give them money or they gon kill us.”

Meanwhile one on the intruders ventured into the lower flat where he found Singh’s 54-year-old husband Doodnauth also called ‘Gouyo’ asleep.

The bandit took $11,000 he had in his pockets and put him to lie face down on the floor.

The farmer said he was punched and gun butted as the bandit requested for him to say where the money was stored.

Meanwhile, Singh was told to take her granddaughter and go and lay on the bed.

“They take their time and search the whole house and tell me and my granddaughter to get in the room and lie down” the woman recalled.

She said the men were not satisfied with the money and threatened to rape her and the child.

“I hold on to my granddaughter and I begged them not to hurt we. Every move I make in the house I hold on tight tight to she; she was crying.”

One of the bandits asked Singh if they make saddles to sell and she responded in the affirmative.

“He ask me if we didn’t sell saddle today, and I say yes.”

She was asked for that money and took them to the lower flat and handed over the $16,000.

However, they insisted that it was not enough money and demanded more.

The lower flat was also ransacked.

After one and a half hours the bandits left.

They had taken a gold band and two rings from Singh. They also took a laptop computer and a cordless telephone.

Police are currently investigating the crime.



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