Bandits strike again in Black Bush Polder


Less than 48 hours after two families were terrorized and robbed by armed men in Black Bush Polder, Berbice; a mother and her 11-year-old son have become the latest victims on Saturday evening.

Indrawattie Dhanraj and her son of Mibicuri BBP were attacked at about 23:30h by three armed men who gained entry into the house by removing the louver panes from front window.

The woman recalled that she and her son were in the house when she heard cracking sounds as if persons were walking on the roof and immediately went to enquire. The men she related, were seen approaching her bedroom window.

By the time she could have raised an alarm, the men were already in the house demanding cash and jewellery. After telling them that she does not keep money or jewellery at home, the men ransacked the house.

It is unclear if the bandits got any valuables. The police were summoned and an investigation was launched.


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