Bandits storm Enterprise home after family returns to Guyana


Bandits this morning raided a house at Enterprise, East Coast Demerara (ECD), just hours after the family returned from overseas.

Faruk Khan told Inews that he is the caretaker of the property whenever his sisters are overseas.

On Thursday night, after they would have landed in the country, Khan and his sisters were having a family gathering with other relatives and retired to bed at about midnight.

A short time had elapsed when he heard a sound which woke him from his slumber. Upon checking, nothing was amiss. However, on Friday morning, one of his sisters got up and noticed that her purse was on the floor. Her money and some other documents were missing.

“We had a get-together with the family and we went to bed late. Then I hear something knock and I come out and open the door but me didn’t see nothing so I go back and lay down. When my sister get up around 04:30h, she holler out that she purse open and throw out here,” Khan related.

This prompted them to check the house. It was discovered that the door on the lower flat of the  house was pried open, the grill on the window was cut and some panes were removed.

They believe that the suspects then used the staircase to gain entry into the upper flat.

“They cut the grill on the window and take out three louvers. They bend the grill and open the door and go upstairs. They go up in my sister room and search and find she purse and take out all the money. The next sister, they go in her room and carry way she bag and passport and green card. She had some US and Guyana money,” Khan explained.

Over US$3500 was taken along with some Guyana currency, a passport, green card and some other items.

Khan said he is grateful no one was injured. A report was filed as police continues their investigation. (Rupa Seenaraine)