Bandits rob Meten-Meer-Zorg supermarket


Another supermarket was once again targeted by bandits, this time at Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara (WCD), where the owner has lost almost half of a million dollars worth of items.

The People’s Choice Supermarket was broken into by an unidentified number of men in the wee hours of yesterday morning and although details of the robbery remain sketchy, the bandits succeeded in making good their escape with a large amount of groceries and car products.

robbery1It is believed that the thieves who ransacked the interior of the supermarket had pried open the steel windows surrounding the business in order to gain entry and execute the robbery.

INews understands that the owner, Harry Singh, was notified about the incident a few hours after the robbery took place when his father contacted him with the news.

Singh told the media that his father’s friend had noticed two men acting ‘suspiciously’ on different occasions during the time that the robbery was being executed.

The father’s friend observed that the two men had been carrying baskets which appeared to weigh a lot.

Out of curiosity he began to question one of the bandits who is said to have quickly dropped the basket he was carrying and fled.

According to Singh, his father’s friend checked the items that were in the basket and realised that they had been taken from Singh’s supermarket.

The man subsequently notified his friend (Singh’s father) about the incident.

Meanwhile, investigations are still on-going into the matter as to the identity of the perpetrators.

Although fingerprints were checked for by investigators, the move proved to be unsuccessful as it appeared as if the thieves were wearing gloves when they committed the act, a police source stated.



  1. I believe,these business places must have proper security.Security Personnel who are well armed with modern arms and ammunition.There are Security Services that can be an asset where protection of your business is concerned,though there will be a cost to that transaction.This criminal act is taking place much too often,and must be stopped in its tracks,especially when lives may be lost.

  2. You have to invest in alarms and surveillance cameras . If you can’t get fingerprints. Get shoe prints. Pour cement on the print and you will get an idea of their foot size .I suspect these bandits knew the layout of this place before robbing it. This is not encouraging at all, you are making a sacrifice for the bandits to benefit.


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