Bandits rob ECD supermarket with ‘pellet’ toy gun


…owners heroics leads to discovery, thwarts further theft 

GST-supermarket located Chateau Margot, ECD

Police are now investigating an incident where a customer at a Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara (ECD) Supermarket was robbed as a result of bandits storming the entity on Tuesday night.

According to Police “C” Division Commander, Calvin Brutus, the incident occurred at around 19:40hrs at the GST-Supermarket.

Inews understands that two masked bandits – one of whom was armed with a toy gun- entered the shopping area which was still crowded with customers and demanded that everyone lay on the ground. They reportedly recovered one mobile phone from a customer.

The ‘armed’ bandit then turned to the owner of the business and ordered him to turn over the entity’s cash, however, the entrepreneur reportedly refused and attempted to disarm his attacker.

This led to a brief scuffle where the bandit’s ‘gun’ fell to the ground and the business owner allegedly managed to unmask the man.

The two bandits, leaving their weapon behind, quickly fled the scene in a silver motor car, which according to eyewitnesses, had no licence plates.

Brutus subsequently confirmed that the weapon that was left behind, while it looked and felt real, was in fact a pellet toy gun.

Investigations are ongoing.


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