Bandits raid popular Tularam Supermarket on WBD – escape with large sum of cash, valuables and items from supermarket

The owner of R. Tularam and Sons Supermarket is now counting his losses after bandits broke into his premises in the wee hours of Monday morning carting off with a large sum of cash and other valuables.
Rebenaut Tularam of Lot 10 Malgre Tout, West Bank Demerara (WBD), said that at around 01:00hrs, he awoke to startling noise but upon inspection saw nothing out of place and went back to bed.
He disclosed that at around 04:30hrs he was awakened by his security guard who told him that there was a hole in the side of the fence.
R. Tularam Supermarket (Stabroek News photo)
R. Tularam Supermarket (Stabroek News photo)

He said the family went downstairs to the shocking scene. He explained that the supermarket was ransacked and that numerous items were missing.

Tularam stated that his personal office was broken into and important documents along with all of his finances were stolen.
“I cannot say definitively what was missing from the supermarket because it is very big but I do know that a lot was taken,” the distraught but visibly angry businessman explained.
According to Tularam, he called the La Grange Police Station along with the Leonora Police Station and the closer Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station but was given the “royal runaround”.
“They just kept on ignoring my reports and I was even told that there was no patrol available because the wheel of the vehicle was punctured,” he lamented.
The businessman said the police eventually showed up at his premises at about 07:00hrs.
The matter is currently under investigation.


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