Bandits pounce on electronic store; employees beaten, tied up

The empty cases in the store. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

The Store room which the bandits ransacked. [iNews' Photo]
The Store room which the bandits ransacked. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Three bandits on Friday morning (June 05) made off with just over $6 million in electronics from Local Tech Electronics store on Sandy Babb Street, Kitty in a daring daylight heist.

According to the General Manager of the store, the men entered the building under the guise of purchasing an iPhone 5S; however it was not until the men drew their guns that he realized it was a robbery.

The General Manager, who prefers to remain anonymous, explained that one of the men used duct tape to bind his arms, legs and torso subsequently locking him in a washroom where they proceeded to ransack the business.

Another female employee was also beaten by the men who demanded that she open a door that leads to a store room. It was explained that the men made off with a quantity of high-end cell phones, tablets, laptops, televisions sets and a slew of other high priced electronics from the store along with some $70,000 cash that was in the register.

“He put a gun in my mouth and start to ask me where the rest of the stuff,” the General Manager said.

The empty cases in the store. [iNews' Photo]
The empty cases in the store. [iNews’ Photo]
He also explained that while the Kitty Police Station is less than a minute away, officers took more than 20 minutes to arrive at the scene.

When asked about the CCTV system, the Manager said that the men threatened the female employee and she provided them with the location of the system after which they removed the logs.

The men reportedly made their escape in a white Toyota 212. Police are investigating.



  1. Walt,,, he has to watch his dead brain,,,he still in shock,they loose,kick out,blackout,power gone!! Sorry for the poor thing he cup runn-it over with stupidness,,he got one of the free lapee tops from Robb st,,

  2. Is your crab brothers from ROBB street ROBB these ppl LOL,,,Ali barrat and 40 thieves,,,i hope you not part of the DIRTY DOZEN ,,

  3. That is so true. Kitty PD is right there. What i don’t get is mr granger and team is only in power 2 to 3 weeks and the haters expect them to do everything in a gt minute. PPP was there for a while and they did nothing. Please ppp followers. Sit back and watch. Everything little and big thing is gonna be alright. GT is about to rise up

  4. the messed up part to that is the police station is not far away and they took 20 mins to reach, if this did happen under the ppp government we would have hear a bundle of crap, now that soulja boi in charge lets see how more better and functional the GPF will become. if any at all.

  5. ”The Police are investigating”
    After every robbery that’s the ending of every robbery report and nothing else is heard thereafter. Granger boastfully declared during his election campaign that he would, in essence, get on top of the crime situation in Guyana if elected. Well he is now in the driving seat of political power and since after the election, there has been an upsurge of violent robbery and other criminal activities.
    Ramjattan, the security GURU, has been put in-charge of security and has done just one single act; dismiss the police who it was alleged tortured a young man while in custody.
    Mr Ramjattan, you and your cohorts condemned Rohee when he was Home Affairs minister and up to now, you don’t seem to have a strategy to tackle the violent upsurge in crime. It’s time to show what metal you are made of. Act NOW!!!!!


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