Bandits kill supermarket security guard


At about 19:00hrs on Friday, 30th June 2017, three bandits entered the Goodluck Supermarket at Dennis Street, Sophia, Georgetown and attempted to relieve 64-year-old security guard Gerald Henry of the service revolver he was armed with at the time.

The Sentinel Security Service employee attempted to defend himself, and in the ensuing brief struggle was shot once to the chest.

The Goodluck Supermarket where Gerald Henry was killed.

Henry, of ‘C’ Field, Sophia, was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) by the proprietor of the business, but died while receiving treatment.

Divisional Commander Calvin Brutus told reporters that the victim “attempted to fight off (the bandits); however, one of the suspects discharged a round which hit Mr Henry. He fell to the ground; they relieved him of the firearm and fled (in a westerly) direction. According to Brutus, the bandits left without taking anything from the supermarket.

“When he was examined by the doctor, it was discovered that he had an injury to the left side chest. The doctor also pronounced him dead on arrival,” Commander Brutus detailed.

This publication was informed that officers of the Crime Scene Unit were reviewing the surveillance footage.

Commander Brutus said the footage showed some unmasked persons. According to him, one person was arrested, but he was not found to be anyone seen in the footage.

Investigations are on-going.



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