Bandits invade kuru kururu home, assault family before escaping


A kuru kururu, Soesdyke linden Highway family was on Saturday robbed by armed bandits who invaded their home.

Based on information reaching INews, 30-year-old Rebekah Seabro, a poultry farmer and her husband Andrew Seabro 36, were robbed of approximately $200,000, one laptop valued $100,000, four cell phones and one generator valued at $185,000 by three masked men, one armed with a shotgun and one armed with a cutlass.

On the night prior to the robbery, rebekah secured her home and went to bed, leaving everything intact.

However, around 01:30h on Saturday morning she was awoken by a noise and reportedly saw the three bandits in her bedroom.

She explained to investigators that the men demanded money and threatened to shoot her.

Moreover, the distraught woman said she was placed on the floor with her 11-month-old baby, while the cutlass wielding bandit assaulted her husband, causing him to receive injuries.

Meanwhile, Rebekah’s mother-in-law, identified as a 53-year-old pensioner, was also assaulted by the bandits.

The entire ordeal lasted for about 10 mins after which the men made good their escape with the articles mentioned.

They reportedly exited through a southern window on the lower flat of the two storey home.

The woman’s husband was rushed to a private city hospital, his condition is listed as stable.

Police are currently investigating the robbery.


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