Bandits invade home of Craig businesswoman, escape with cash, vehicle


The 56-year-old owner of the Lalbeharry Poultry Farm is now counting her losses after three armed bandits stormed her Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home during the wee hours of Thursday morning and stole a large quantity of cash, along with her son’s motorcar.

The victim has been identified as Patsy Lalbeharry called Lalita of Buzz Bee Dam, Craig, EBD.

According to the woman’s son, Deonauth Lalbeharry on Thursday, the incident occurred at approximately 04:15hrs.

INews was told that Patsy resided with Deonauth and another son- Rudra Lalbeharry- in the two storey structure where they would often conduct business transactions.

On Thursday, Deonauth explained that he was awoken by the sound of a “loud explosion.”

“I start thinking it’s some electrical problem but then I heard my mother pleading and saying ‘Oh God, don’t kill me!’” the man recalled.

At that time, he said that three men barged into his room, armed with handguns.

INews understands that the bandits initially made their way into Rudra’s room, before kicking down the middle door which leads into Patsy’s room.

The bandits began threatening the trio, while demanding that they turn over their “cash and gold.”

The frightened 56-year-old woman immediately complied (giving them money) and the men made good their escape with Deonauth’s silver/grey Toyota Premio car, PTT 502.

Law enforcement ranks were immediately contacted and inspections at the home revealed that the bandits might have been hiding in the house for quite some time.

“We found cigarette droppings in the lower flat and it appears as though the men were in the house and waiting for someone to come downstairs,” Deonauth speculated.

INews understands that this is the first time the Lalbeharry’s have been attacked by bandits at their home.

However, in 2017, the family suffered significant losses following a burglary committed on their business located on the public road. (Ramona Luthi)


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