Bandits invade home of Christopher Ram Jr, cart off $M in cash, other valuables


In the hours between 11pm last night and 4am this morning, the home of the son of, prominent accountant and attorney, Christopher Ram Sr was allegedly invaded by bandits who carted off approximately $1.2M in cash and other valuables.

Christopher Ram Jr in a  statement said that he is the sole occupant of lot 18 Delhi Street, Prashad Nagar home and was asleep throughout the ordeal.

He stated that when he woke up at 04:00hrs this morning, he found that his home had been robbed. “…almost every portable thing of value was taken away. This includes a television, music set belonging to my father, watch, computer, electrical and computer appliances, clothing and local and foreign currency and all my bank cards.”

Ram Jr also noted that one of the two dogs that protected his home was found injured.

rams-door-2He said that after a thorough inspection of his property, it was discovered that entry to the upper part of the house was made via the door and “the state of the door suggests that some heavy instrument would have been used to gain access.”

The man further related that when he contacted 911, his call was disconnected on three occasions, and on the forth call he was told by the 911 representative that since the burglars had already left, he would need to make a report to the Police Station.

He expressed absolute disappointment in this regard, since according to him “the area of Prashad Nagar where I live has been a target of burglars and bandits and there are few houses which have been unscathed so the Police cannot be unaware of the vulnerability of the area.”

Ram Jr also expressed disappointment with the state of crime in Guyana, while outlining that the recent pronouncement made by President David Granger, that he would like to see fewer weapons in the hands of private citizens and that crime fighting should be left to the law enforcement agencies, will only exacerbate the situation. “As good as this may sound, in practice, it means that citizens are left at the mercy of the bandits and an ineffective public security system” Ram Jr noted.

According to the man “even though I am a US citizen, I returned to Guyana to pursue a career and to live in a country I would love to call home. I am the Manager and CEO of a Human Resources company Accedo and part of our efforts is to persuade members of the Diaspora to return and work in Guyana. This experience will affect the conviction with which I can continue to do so. Indeed, the incompetence and insensitivity of the Police now forces me to reconsider my decision about Guyana.”


  1. Paul c, I think you should stay where you are. Bear the cold. It’s better than the barbarism in Guyana. Let’s all pray for the people living under what is turning out to be the same type of incompetent government as the past few..

  2. Granger did that because he has the police in his pocket and they are supporting the thugs to rob and kill us ( indians) ,This man can care less because his ppl are not the victims..He has the balls to ask ppl to return to home to invest but in reality to rob us.

  3. I’m actually thinking of moving back to Guyana to startup my IT business but reading day after day of the crime wave in Guyana… i’m having second thoughts about my move.


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