Bandits cart off with over $3.5M in items from Essequibo businessman’s mobile unit

The businessman's mobile unit with cellphones on display

…Businessman offering $500,000 reward for anyone with information

The businessman’s mobile unit with cellphones on display

An Essequibo Coast businessman is now counting his losses after bandits reportedly broke into his mobile cellphone unit which was parked at his residence and made off with over $3.5M worth of items.

The businessman, Nahib Sabar of Vilvoorden, Essequibo Coast, who is the owner of the N. Sabar Cellphone Connection reported that the unit (a canter truck) was broken into on Sunday morning between 01:00h to 02:30h.

According to reports received, Sabar discovered that he had been robbed when he attempted to leave his home with the said unit to head to the Anna Regina and Suddie markets.

Upon inspection, it was observed that the said unit had been ransacked and several computers, cellphones and accessories had been removed.

A phone backup charger and a single sock were left on the crime scene which did not belong to the owner, as such the matter was reported to the Police.

However, the businessman is reporting that he is unhappy with the investigation or lack thereof of the matter.

“I am very disappointed in the way the G Division police are investigating the matter…a phone backup charger and a single sock was left on the crime scene, but one of the investigating ranks took the phone backup charger and pushed it into his pants pocket and left the socks…why the police did not have finger prints taken because the entire Mobile Unit was ransacked and finger prints might be all over” the man questioned.

Further, Sabar is alleging that a neighbour who reported that he saw what occurred has been giving conflicting reports to the Police.

“When he was arrested he give the police conflicting reports but he was detained for 72 hours and subsequently released…a woman a few days later turned up here in Anna Regina and was trying to sell me a Edge 7 Samsung phone which look like one of the phones I lost but by the time I contacted the Police she escaped” the businessman further revealed.

Sabar is calling on the authorities to investigate the robbery properly as the stolen phones can all be traced.

He is also offering a $500,000 reward for anyone with information.



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