Bandits break into Tuschen home


A Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home was broken into and robbed on Friday.

The incident is believed to have occurred sometime after 10:30h, which when home owner Jeanne Persaud left to conduct Christmas shopping in Georgetown.

Persaud told INews that she secured the door locks on both flats of the two-storey house as well as the gate before leaving.

However when she returned home about three hours later, she found the gate opened and the padlock broken.

Alarmed, the woman immediately went to inspect her property during which she found the panes of the windows on the lower flat were removed. This is where it is believed that the suspects gained entry into the house.

Persaud further related that when she entered the house, everywhere was ransacked. The perpetrators also went into the upper flat via the indoor stairs and also upturned the bedrooms.

They eventually made good their escape with a laptop, a smart phone, a quantity of gold jewelry and an undisclosed amount of cash.

The cellphone is valued at $97,000.

Meanwhile, a backpack was also missing along with some clothes from a wardrobe. Other losses are still being assessed.