Bandits break into home of elderly couple, parents of Neaz Subhan

The bandits broke the bars on the second window, removed the panes, and managed to enter the house
In the space of less than one month, the home of yet another pensioner was attacked by a group of bandits on Friday morning.
The attack took place in Craig, East Bank Demerara at around 04:00hrs on the home owned by 72-year-old Mohamed Subhan and his 83-year-old wife, Khairool Subhan- who is bedridden, due to medical issues.
Inews was told that the husband was awoken by noises coming from the door which leads to his room in the upper flat of the house that he and his wife resided in, alone.
Neaz Subhan

Upon inspecting, the elderly man noticed a crowbar which was stuck by his bedroom door, as a robber made efforts to pull out the bolts to gain entry into their room.

Subhan immediately called for assistance from his neighbours and telephoned his son-television personality, Neaz Subhan- who resides in Diamond, East Bank Demerara.
Neaz Subhan told Inews that he quickly contacted police and when he arrived at his parents home, the law enforcement officials were already combing the area.
However, no one was found.
Inews understands that when the elder Subhan made calls for his neighbours, the bandit who was attempting to break in his bedroom, fled the scene.
Police found the room in the lower flat of the house in complete disarray, displaying how the  bandits searched for items of value. In addition, the upper flat had also been ransacked.
However, when nothing valuable was found on the upper flat, one of the bandits attempted to enter the couples bedroom.
In the yard, a bag containing several expensive carpentry tools- including an electric drill and electric plane- were found. The tools all belonged to the elderly man.
Further inspections on the building revealed that the bandits had gained entry by taking out window panes from two windows- since the first had a strong grill which would not budge. They then broke the bars on the second window, and managed to enter the room.

Inews was also told that the men placed the removed window panes into a bucket of water near the house.

A neighbour reportedly told the police that she saw one man hiding out in the “fowl pen” located in her yard, while another was seen running through another resident’s yard and a third reportedly fled the scene by jumping the back fence.
Investigations are ongoing.
Just last week, a pensioner living in Eccles, East Bank Demerara was brutal beaten and robbed by two bandits who broke into her home.
Before that, another pensioner from Berbice was beaten and raped in her own home. She subsequently died. (Ramona Luthi)


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