Bandits break into Grove supermarket, caught after swift Police response


Three men were on Wednesday morning caught in the process of robbing a Grove, East Bank Demerara (ECD) supermarket and arrested by police.

According to police information, the three men, one of whom was armed, attacked and robbed the Number 1 Supermarket’s lone security guard, before bounding his hands and legs and proceeding to break into the store.

The suspects reportedly gained access into the building from the rear stairs which leads to a window located on the third floor of the building.

The grill had been torn off from around the window

Meanwhile, while the bandits were busy inside of the building, the security guard who was tied and left outside, managed to free himself and quickly alerted the neighbours.

The residents in the area immediately contacted police and a prompt response from the law enforcement ranks resulted in the apprehension of the three men in the building.

When this online publication visited the grocery store, they were informed that at the time of the break and enter, the owner of the business –identified only as Lin- and his two other relatives were in the upper flat, asleep.

They related that it was until 06:00hrs that they learnt of what had transpired when a police officer came into the upper flat to alert them, after the perpetrators had been caught.

The bandits were found in possession of a mobile phone and bag belonging to the 53-year-old security guard, in addition to a small quantity of cash and about $70,000 worth of phone cards- property of the business.

Police have also disclosed that one of the men was found with a .38 revolver and six matching rounds in his possession.

The men are expected to be processed for court soon. (Ramona Luthi)


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