Bandits beat, terrorise Berbice teacher – even wanted her to ‘strip’


– security guard chopped

Four armed bandits, carrying guns and a cutlass, broke into a teacher’s Canje, Berbice home and robbed her of a quantity of cash and other valuables but not before severely beating her.

The incident occurred some time around 01:30hrs on Tuesday and during the attack, a security guard was also chopped.

According to a Guyana Times report,  the bandits attacked the 45-year-old guard, Claudius Alert, then proceeded to enter the house at Lot 22 Bhudhan’s Housing Scheme, Caracas, West Canje, by breaking open the back door.

They then confronted the 43-year-old teacher, Easter Reid, who was home alone at the time.

The Canje house which armed bandits invaded Tuesday morning

According to the traumatised woman, she was held at gunpoint as the bandits demanded money.

“They said where you have the gold and money? I said ‘I don’t have’ and one said: ‘strip, lemme see, strip’ and I started to pull down my dress,” she related.

However, one of the other bandits stopped his accomplice. “Don’t bother let the lady strip,” she recalled him saying.

The English and Food Preparation teacher told this newspaper that all of the men were masked. She noted that while she was still to properly assess her losses, the bandits made off with jewellery and several digital boxes.

“I don’t really wear jewellery, but they took my wedding band, they took another ring I had for my husband, the DVR from security cameras, an E-Networks control box and another box I had for movies,” Reid explained.

The woman further recounted that while the one bandit was attempting to sexually assault her, she could hear the bandits beating the guard, adding that she heard “chopping sounds”.

She noted that the Police took about 45 minutes to arrive after the initial call.

Speaking with this publication, neighbours indicated that when the Police were a few houses away on their way to the scene, the men left the home. Reid corroborated that she heard one of the men saying that the Police were coming before they fled.

Meanwhile, the security guard suffered a laceration to the face apparently from a glass bottle that was smashed against him and a chop to the head as well as injuries to the eye.

The teacher explained that the guard was employed since February 15.

Two persons have since been arrested. The Police are on the hunt for others and are pursuing certain leads.



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