Bandits attack Corentyne gas station guards


As law enforcement officers in Berbice map out a plan to put a halt to robberies in the county, two security guards at M Ali and Son Service Station at Strand were on Tuesday night tied up and robbed.
Reports indicate that the perpetrators used a screwdriver to stick up the guards and then bound them. They were relieved of an undisclosed quantity of phone cards and $30,000.

robbery1Also on Tuesday night, two men armed with cutlasses robbed a Port Mourant businesswoman. Reports indicate that the masked men broke into the home of the businesswoman and took $60,000 from her.
Less than 24 hours before, two armed men, also masked, attacked a businessman two doors away, and relieved him of a quantity of cash and jewellery.

Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam addressing the issue of crime on the Corentyne said there was a criminal group which operated out of Free Yard, Port Mourant.

He said the group had been active in March but had gone dormant. His comments came as he addressed concerns of residents in Rose Hall Town, at a meeting on Wednesday evening. “There is no way you ought to accept what is happening in your community,” the Commander told residents.

He explained that there was another gang which operated out of Rose Hall, “And they bring people into Rose Hall. They operate in twos or in threes to commit robberies.”



  1. Why are the police releasing relevant information to the media prior to investigation. Criminals do read the news and watch TV


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