Bandit snatches $$M from Chinese national on Church Street


A Chinese national attached to China Harbour was relieved of a large sum of cash while in the vicinity of Church Street, Georgetown yesterday.

robbery1According to reports reaching INews, the man who is presently employed at the Movie Town construction site, Patterson, Greater Georgetown, was parked in front of a supermarket on Church Street when a white motor car pulled up alongside him.

A lone gunman reportedly exited the Premio motorcar and relieved the Chinese national of a haversack he was carrying which contained the cash. Police sources confirmed that the man had just left a city bank and was heading to the worksite when he was attacked and robbed.

Over the past few days, several persons have been attacked and robbed in broad daylight in Georgetown.

An investigation has been launched into the incident.




  1. Bandit snatches $$M from Chinese national on Church Street..
    This snatching of big money sounds like a kind of money laundering in some cases.

  2. It might be truly foolish to try to gloss over the fact that the current rise in gun related crime does not bear a clear resemblance to crimes nurtured under the previous administration.That administration did very little to get an upper hand on the situation.They were reactors…..This administration must be proactive…..I am of the fervent belief that there is enough qualified and trained personnel with the patriotic and moral grounding to initiate and sustain an ” offence” that will definitely sweep hundreds of guns out of the hands of the would be criminal….There was a positive start via amnesty. It bore tremendous result . But for reasons not clear to the world it was aborted……A clear blunder……However all is not loss ………..There must be a three-stage approach : (1) Amnesty with possibly a ” buy back ” element :(11) Review “all” gun licence issued over the last fifteen years .(111) Enact laws making the possession of a gun ,a component of a gun including a bullet a no bail offence. If found guilty a minimum of “Ten” years jail with a one million dollar fine…..These steps if implemented will eventually encourage some form of peace and stability………It can be done, if the political will and patriotic energy are engaged.

  3. The low lives APNU thugs need money for the big celebration coming up while ppl losing their jobs and innocent business ppl getting killed for their money the travelling chief security guard could care less–not his kind getting killed and robbed so whats the big deal ?

  4. All vending should be banned, from all Banks across Guyana. music should also be banned in all public transportation. For a better Guyana and tourism . That is my honest comment.

  5. The ”Foolice” are either getting worse or are in cahoots. Where is The ineffective Police ”top brass”.


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