Bandit shot in buttocks while attempting to rob City store


A man is now nursing a gunshot wound to his buttocks at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he failed to execute a robbery in a city store and was shot by the owner of the business instead.

INews was told that sometime after 21:30h last night the perpetrator who has been identified as “Jermaine” of ‘D’ Field, Sophia, Georgetown, is said to have broken into the Lisa General Store located on Charlotte Street.

Reports are that the 35-year-old culprit, shortly after forcing his way into the locked store was caught by the owner of the business.

In a brief confrontation between the two, the owner, who is a licensed firearm holder shot “Jermaine” to his buttocks as the perpetrator was trying to flee.

Police ranks are said to have responded promptly to the scene after being called in.

It is unclear at this time as to whether or not the alleged bandit was armed at the time of the break in.

However, “Jermaine” is presently admitted to the hospital and is under police guard as law enforcement officials continue to investigate the matter.






  1. The store owner is lucky he still has a store because the APNU thugs did not burn him to the ground in protest for the shooting after all the man need money for the upcoming 50th celebration where do you expect him to get the cash?

  2. Only in the buttocks ?? Innocent hard working people are been killed by these bandits. But then again we care more about Prisoners .

  3. Bandit shot in buttocks while attempting to rob City store
    Wonder if Graingehheh and Corbin will say the bandit was fleeing so the shooter should not have taken the shot.
    For me the shooter should have gone for either the head or the heart area.


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