Bandit shot dead by businessman during foiled ambush


One bandit was shot dead following a shootout in Bel-Air, Georgetown, during the wee hours of this morning, while another man is left hospitalized for a wound to his elbow.

Based on reports received, the incident occurred sometime after mid-night while a businessman and his two friends were returning home from a movie night out.
INews understands that the three men stopped their car in Bel-Air to purchase something to eat. However, as they proceeded along their way, they found that the street had been blocked off by a car. After honking at the motor vehicle, several men reportedly exited the same vehicle, all armed.
The alleged perpetrators then began to fire at the motor vehicle in which the businessman and his friends were in, however they were unaware that one of the men (the businessman) was armed as well.
As the exchange of fire between the two sides continued for several minutes, the businessman’s friend who was in the driver’s seat sustained a gunshot wound to his elbow. Subsequently, as the businessman continued to return fire (he was in the back seat of the motorcar), he managed to shoot one of the bandits.
After his accomplices noticed that he (gunman) was dead, they quickly scurried away leaving his body at the location.
The police were informed and upon arriving at the scene, a .32pistol used by the dead bandit was found near him.
The gunman is yet to be identified but police are continuing their investigations.
The injured man was taken to a medical facility to seek treatment. (Ramona Luthi)


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