Bandit shot dead attempting to rob businessman


One of two motorcycle bandits who attempted to rob a businessman earlier today was shot dead while the other narrowly escaped death,  in the vicinity of Mc Doom Service Station, Greater Georgetown.

According to reports, the attempted robbery occurred at approximately 14:40hrs opposite the Shell Gas Station in McDoom.
Inews understands that the two suspects on motorcycle CH2167, were following the businessman, for some time. However, as they were about to attack him, another vehicle driver noticed what was about to transpire and quickly retaliated and fired shots at the bandits. 
One of the bandits, was shot to the back of his head and was identified as  “Gary” of Norton Street Bagostown who is said to be in his early 30’s. His accomplice fled the scene. 
The driver , who is also a licenced fire arm holder, fired at least 5 rounds at the bandits. 
Eyewitnesses at the scene indicated to this online publication that “Gary” has been involved in many criminal activities in the area. 
Upon arriving at the scene, Police took the dead man to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where his death was confirmed. 
The motorcycle was impounded by the Police, who are hunting for the second suspect.


  1. The people should continue to eradicate these bums. One for the good guys. Just watch the prezzie complain about vigilantism! Go figure

  2. This hardworking business man could have been dead. I am happy this business man jump into action . We have to fight back.

  3. Great job another this is what we have to do to these cannibals ketch the other one and smoke him too.If we the citizens do not take action to get rid of these low lives the pres will never because they are of the same cloth period.

  4. This is the BEST news headline in a long time,Great JOB by whoever did the citizens a wonderful favor,many more of the cockroaches have to meet the same justice.congrats to the shooter,


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