Bandit mistakenly shoots accomplice dead – during bungled gas station robbery in Berbice

By Kristen Macklingam
In what can be deemed as “a comedy of errors” one bandit is now richer with an undisclosed amount of cash after robbing a GuyOil fuel station located at Hopetown, Berbice, while his accomplice is dead.
INews understands that sometime after 19:00hrs this evening two men, one armed with a handgun and the other with a knife, stormed into the said fuel station and restrained the supervisor on duty.
According to an eyewitness, the perpetrator who was armed with the knife had the weapon pressing close against the fuel station employee’s body to warn him not to move while the other perpetrator begun taking cash.
However, it was when the bandit who had the gun in his hand pointed the firearm in the direction of the supervisor, the terrified service station employee began to struggle out of the other perpetrator’s grasp.
INews was told that this was when the gunman fired a shot in the direction of the two men who were fighting and the bullet hit his accomplice who moments later fell to the floor, where he died.
Investigations are presently on-going into the matter with hopes of identifying the dead perpetrator, capturing his accomplice and recovering the cash which was reportedly stolen.



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