Bandit escapes on mechanic’s motorcycle after robbing him

A mechanic is now in a traumatised state after he was on Tuesday night attacked by armed bandits and robbed of his motorcycle and other valuables.
Jerrick D’Agrella, 35, of Campbellville, Georgetown was proceeding along Plum Park at around 21:10h on his Honda motorcycle, CJ 4341, when the incident occurred.
Reports surrounding the robbery indicates that while the victim was riding, he heard a loud explosion behind him which caused him to immediately stop.
However in doing so, two men rode up on a similar Honda cycle and the pillion rider came off.
He then approached the victim, pointed a handgun and proceeded to search his pockets.
He was able to make off with a cellphone valued $50,000 and the keys to the victims motorcycle which he used to start and escape on the said motorcycle in the company of the other perpetrator.
The Police visited the scene of the crime and have since launched an investigation.


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