Bandit caught while attempting to break into pensioner’s Uitvlugt home


A bandit was apprehended on Tuesday morning after he was caught by a private security firm attempting to break into the home of a pensioner.

INews understands that the victim, 66-year-old, Rajkumarie Singh of Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD), was reportedly in bed when she heard her security alarm sounding.

As such, the security firm, Delta Service, was alerted and promptly reported to Singh’s home where the would be robber was caught still attempting to break in.

The bandit, who was armed with a knife, upon realising that he was caught, attempted to escape but was apprehend by the security officers and taken to the Leonora Police Station.

It is being reported that this is the second attempt made by the bandit who previously robbed the pensioner and went to jail for same.

The Police are investigating.


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