Ban derogatory music in public – Gender Equality Commission


Music considered derogatory and defaming to women should be prohibited from being played in public, according to the Women and Gender Equality Commission.

The Commission recently presented a report titled “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls” to the Speaker of the National Dr Barton Scotland.

The report includes 28 recommendations including the ban on derogatory music.

Chairperson Indra Chandrapal told Inews that music can impact how persons think, and therefore, if songs are insulting and offensive, then the results can be negative.

“It’s all about self-respect,” she explained.

“We’re not prude but we believe that if you have certain music that is so explicit, it should not be condoned,” added Chandrapal, who is also a parliamentarian.

She reminded that there was a Censor Board which was responsible for vetting films before they can be played in the country.

Chandrapal suggested the resuscitation of such a body which can police the type of music being played in public spaces.

Meanwhile, the report also included recommendations to improve gaps in the legal system as it relates to sexual and juvenile offences. It also recommended paternity leave for men.

The report, which will be laid at the next sitting of the National Assembly, was prepared by International Legal Consultant Malinda Janki as a follow up to information gathered from their ‘Access to Justice Program.’

According to Chandrapal, the Commission visited all ten administrative regions and gave women an opportunity to voice their concerns and challenges.




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