Bai Shan Lin denies constructing ‘new’ road

Bai Shan Lin road repairs in Region 10.
Bai Shan Lin road repairs in Region 10.
Bai Shan Lin road repairs in Region 10.

[] – Bai Shan Lin International Forest Development Inc says it has noted with concern reports in sections of the media that the company constructed 130km of road that passes through the North Rupununi district, disrupting the lives of several Amerindian communities.

In a press statement issued the company refuted the claims but noted that it merely “upgraded old roads and trails through existing forest concessions and, onto one of its State Forest Exploratory Area (SFEP).”

According to the statement, the road in question is aligned between the escarpment of the Corentyne River and the Berbice River watershed, in keeping with regulations that permit limited commercial activity in the exploratory phase of the operations.

“Further, the roads and trails upgraded by the company does not pass through any Amerindian community but is limited to the locations for which forestry concessions are being considered or active. The road will also provide vital access to other operators in the forestry sector, including those from Region 10,” the statement noted.

According to the statement, the company is currently in the process of meeting with communities in the North Rupununi district to address concerns and take on-board, recommendations for the proposed operations in the area, as part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) phase.

“Additionally, the company would like to make it clear that it has gone beyond what is required under regulations by including the upgrade of the old roads and trails in the current ESIA.”


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