Baffled student finds cocaine in her bag after arriving in NY from T&T



Cocaine[New York Post] – This wasn’t the care package she was expecting. An FIT student who flew to the Big Apple to start a new school year arrived at her dorm in Manhattan, opened her suitcase and discovered 10 pounds of cocaine inside, police sources said.

The baffled 21-year-old made the stunning discovery after an airplane flight on Friday as she moved into the room and quickly called cops, police sources said.

“She said she had no idea how it got there,” a police source said.

The freaked fashionista handed over the four packages of blow — which had a street value of $150,000, police sources said.

The woman had just flown from Trinidad and Tobago to JFK Airport — leading authorities to believe a smuggler may have planted the stash in the wrong suitcase, a Port Authority source said.

“If her story is true, that’s the most likely scenario . . . There’s no question about it,” the source said.

Corrupt custom officials, baggage handlers or airport workers — in both the Caribbean and New York — may have teamed up on a scheme to use her as an unwitting drug mule, the Port Authority source said. The smugglers may have flubbed the plan by failing to unload the drugs in New York, the Port Authority source said.

“Smugglers play the odds . . . It has been done before to travelers especially in countries where there’s heavy narco-trafficking,” the Port Authority source said.

Cops are also weighing the possibility she was in on the crime and simply backed out, police sources said. “Maybe she was involved and got cold feet and wanted to get ahead of the story by calling police,” a law-enforcement source said.

“Or maybe it was something more sinister,” the source said.

The source added, “Maybe she didn’t pack her bag, or maybe she really didn’t have anything to do with it.”

The student has not been charged, and no arrests have been made.

She couldn’t be reached for comment.



  1. I travel to Guyana a lot and I am alway scared to check my bags in. The only time I do is when I travel with my kids. I rented an apartment in July and several person on the bottom flat was smoking weed. I came by to the states and I was pull in by customs because one of my bag had weed scent on it. Scary I tell u.

  2. I always think that there are many innocent people whose baggage were tampered with and drugs were placed in there belongings at the airports. If these drugs are found innocent people suffer jail and definition of character….. please can someone try to review some cases of innocent people who are in jail whose bags were found with drugs.
    I think that girl was very innocent!


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