Baby among 7 injured in 5-vehicle collision in N/A


At least seven persons were injured on Saturday evening following a 5-vehicle collision at New Amsterdam, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The accident, which occurred at about 21:45h, left two pedestrians, three occupants and two drivers injured.

The pedestrians were identified as Gregory Fraser, 33, of Kilcoy/Chesney, Corentyne and Trevaun Wiggins, 20, of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne.

Both were standing between two parked vehicles while the injured occupants were identified as Kenicia Fraser, 26, and her 17-month-old baby,

Sienna Fraser, both of Chesney Village. Arata Larose, 30, of Alness, Corentyne, was also injured.

The injured drivers are Kurt Edwards, 26, of Tucber Park, New Amsterdam, and Keith Harry, 41, of 59 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

According to information received, Edwards was driving a motorcar bearing registration number PSS 4863 along the main access street at a fast rate of speed.

However, as he approached Main Street, he swerved and in so doing, the left side of the car collided with the right side of another car, PLL 6046, driven by Harry, which was proceeding in the opposite direction along Main Street.

As a result of the impact, Harry lost control of his vehicle which spun and collided into the left side of PVV 58, which was stationary at the time.
The car then shifted and collided with PMM 9361, which was also parked. Harry also slammed into PXX 9821.

The injured people were taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital by public-spirited citizens. The drivers were treated and handed over to the Police as an investigation was launched.