Autopsy performed on 4-day-old baby, but cause of death yet to be determined


A postmortem examination was performed on the body of the 4-day-old baby who mysteriously died on November 9 – some four days after she was born.

According to information received, the autopsy was conducted this morning at around 08:05hrs at the New Amsterdam Hospital mortuary in the presence of the child’s mother and a policewoman.

The pathologist says there is no sign of forced penetration to the anus, since there were no bruises or laceration.

However, shortly after being pronounced dead on arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital, the baby was examined by doctors who had said that her anus was “severely expanded”, according to a police report. Police sources had told this publication that it was based on the doctors’ initial report that they began investigating whether the infant was sexually assaulted.

Notwithstanding, the results of the autopsy are not yet available. INews understands that the pathologist will be giving the causing of death within 24 hours.

The baby girl was born on November 5, to a 27-year-old housewife and a 52-year-old driver, at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

On November 7, the mother and her baby were discharged and they proceeded to their home at Grove Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara.

On November 9, the woman and her reputed husband as well as their eight-year-old daughter left home for the Georgetown Public Hospital where the mother had to undergo a routine checkup.

She told investigators that at around 10:00hrs on the day, she left her newborn with her husband and her elder daughter in the car as she proceeded to visit the doctor.

At around 12:08hrs, she returned to the car where she observed that the baby was crying uncontrollably and was breathing heavily. She also noticed that the baby was undressed, wearing only her pampers.

At that point, she fed the child some water and the newborn defecated and then slept away.

At around 14:45hrs, the family proceeded to Blairmont, West Bank Berbice where the woman was expected to stay with some family.

During that time, the newborn was still crying and breathing heavily, as if she was suffocating.

As a result, at around 18:05hrs, the child was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she was seen and examined by a doctor who pronounced her dead on arrival.

The body was examined and it was observed that the child’s anus was severely expanded.

The parents were taken into custody.