Autopsy on man who allegedly consumed carbon tablets by mistake inconclusive


The autopsy conducted on 46-year-old Mohamed Sulavan called Gary, of Duncan Street, Kitty, Georgetown, who allegedly consumed carbon tablets on Sunday last by mistake, reportedly thinking them to be garlic capsules, was inconclusive.

Based on information received, government pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh was unable to give the cause of death until the man’s stomach content was analyzed.

The man’s body was nevertheless handed over to the family for burial.

Meanwhile, the friend who reportedly gave Sulavan the tablets and was taken into custody has since been released as investigations continue.

This was related by the Commander of A Division, Marlon Chapman. He informed too that the wife was questioned as investigations continue.

The 46-year-old labourer was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital on Sunday around 22:00h after he complained to his wife, Simone Cheong of feeling unwell and began vomiting.

The woman told the police that her husband left home around 11:00h on Sunday and returned about 20:00h with a bottle of tablets which were supposed to be ‘Garlic Extra 1000mg’. According to her, to pills were given to him by a friend.

After consuming the tablets the man started to vomit and was rushed to the hospital where he breathed his last around 00:45h.

The wife subsequently took the tablets to the hospital where it was discovered to be carbon tablets.


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