Audit reports to be handed over to legal authorities – Minister Trotman


Cabinet has engaged in a lengthy discussion on audits that were completed, with the discourse centered on what should be done with the stack of documents, according to Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman.

auditDuring the post-Cabinet press briefing by the Ministry of the Presidency, today, Minister Trotman said there was a two-feet pile of audits and Cabinet discussed what should done with them “since there is quite a bit of material in all of them, that perhaps should be handed, we believe to the legal authorities, for further action.”

He said Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams will be commenting soon on the findings, and the possible courses of action that will be taken.

Minister Trotman stated that the audits were intended to ascertain if there were any breaches of the law and, or if there were any administrative procedural breaches. The Minister said, “for example a minister reaching into an agency and giving instructions which may not necessarily be against the law, or lead to criminal action. It may just be administratively wrong. The audits looked at both.”

He made it clear that most, if not all of the forensic audits, have instances of breaches. “We share the views of all the people of Guyana that we have got to do something about all these audits that are stacking up.”

The Coalition Government, upon taking office, ordered forensic audits of Ministries and state owned agencies to ascertain their true financial status. (GINA)






  1. Trotman get more fat since he became a minister! The EGO in his head is more than the brain! These guys are a bunch of waste of space and tax payers dollars. So far they have done nothing for the local Guyanese….Economy is drastically sliding backwards and these fools give them selves salary increases…..The PNC regime is always playing the blaming game before they look into ways to be pro-active and keep the people happy…..

  2. We shall all pay for the APNU/AFC government inaction. 2020 is coming and you guys will be handing us right back into the hands of the terrorist PPP/C government.


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