Attorney asks Magistrate to apologise or resign


Attorney-at-law Charrandass Persaud has asked Magistrate Renita Singh to apologise to the court for ordering the arrest of a woman or resign.

Addressing the Reliance Magistrate on Thursday Persaud questioned the authority of the court to order the arrest of a woman who was not a part of the matter before the court.

Persaud noted that it was the woman’s son before the court in a matter which was being held in camera.

However, the media was allowed in as Persaud addressed the court.

He said Magistrate Singh ordered that the woman sit on the bench when the matter was last called and instructed that she return to court on Thursday.

“The police threatened her telling her what will happen to her if she did not attend court. This court ordered her arrest when she does not have a matter here. What right does the Court have to arrest her. Madam I am asking that you apologise to this court for the arrest of this woman or you resign” Persaud said.

Magistrate Singh said all she wanted was for the woman to tell the court where her son was.

After telling the court that she did not know the woman was allowed to go home.

The woman’s son is before the court for issues relating to the maintenance of his children.


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