Assaulted Essequiban forced to watch girlfriend being raped, GDF ranks implicated


Two members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) attached to the sixth Infantry Battalion at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast were placed under close arrest following their implication in a robbery/rape committed on a couple on Saturday evening.

Based on reports received, the two ranks were accused of raping a young girl while her boyfriend was forced to look on in the vicinity of the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground.

It is believed that the incident occurred at about 23:40h. The two young people reportedly went to the venue for a walk.

While there, they were reportedly attacked by the two GDF ranks who allegedly beat the young man, took away his money, gold chain and demanded that his girlfriend have sex with them, if not they would rape him.

At first, this demand was shut down but the two ranks reportedly retaliated by hitting the young man mercilessly.

She finally conceded to the demand. This publication understands that the two men took turns violating the young girl as she wept bitterly and asked them to stop.

After the ordeal, the two young people reported that matter to the police station.

At the police station, they were reportedly told that there were no ranks available to search the area.

The family members took it upon themselves to look for the two perpetrators. Upon seeing the angry mob, the two men reportedly escaped.

The two young people were taken to hospital where the young lady was admitted a patient.

The police finally took statements from the two traumatized young people and an investigation was launched.

The GDF in a release stated that it will give the necessary support to the Guyana Police Force as the investigations continue into the heinous crime.


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