Arrival Day Message from PPP

Arrival Day

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends greetings to all Guyanese on the occasion of Arrival Day. This occasion is of great significance in commemorating the arrival of our ancestors who came to these shores from various parts of the world. They were brought here under harsh circumstances at various points in our history and laboured as they made this land their home.

In the face of many adversities, they were resolute in their endeavours to preserve their culture, traditions and values, which gave birth to a culturally-diverse Guyana.

Many of our fore-parents paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedoms as a people. Unfortunately, as we celebrate Arrival Day today, there are some who are attempting to deprive our people of their fundamental right to elect a government of their choice and erode our freedoms and democracy.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon us as Guyanese to stave off any attempt to steal our rights and return us to the abyss of dictatorship.

Despite these adversaries to democracy and freedom, our Party takes this opportunity to commend all those who have worked steadfastly over the years and who continue to do so in the promotion of activities designed to foster and preserve our history, values and cultural traditions which have become shared; demonstrative of the strength in our diversity.

As we observe Arrival Day, our Party urges reflection on the valiant efforts of all of our fore-parents so that we can continue to be inspired and to better contextualize the value of our gains. This will ensure that we remain determined to build upon our gains and that our country remains a place for all of its sons and daughters.

Happy Arrival Day to all!