Arrangements being finalised to launch re-established Guyana Peace Council

  • Rohee elected President of new Council

The group of Guyanese citizens who came together earlier this year to re-establish the Guyana Peace Council (GPC) has moved a step closer to finalising arrangements to launch the organisation.

At a meeting of the Steering Committee held on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, the citizens adopted the Constitution of the Guyana Peace Council.

The Constitution sets out the aims and objectives of the Peace Council as follows:

  • Against imperialist wars and occupation of sovereign countries and nations;
  • Prohibition of all weapons of mass destruction and ending of the arms drive, abolition of foreign military bases, total and universal disarmament under effective international control;
  • Elimination of all forms of colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination;
  • Respect for the right of the peoples to sovereignty and independence, essential for the establishment of peace;
  • Respect of the territorial integrity of states;
  • Non-interference in the internal affairs of nations;
  • Establishment of mutually beneficial trade and cultural relations based on friendship and mutual respect;
  • Peaceful co-existence between states with different political systems;
  • Negotiations instead of use of force in the settlement of differences between nations.

According to a statement today from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), the aims and objectives of the organisation mirror those of the World Peace Council with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

Clement Rohee elected President of the new Council
Clement Rohee elected President of the new Council

“The Council will seek to involve the people of Guyana in pursuance of its aims and objectives, by education and action, in the quest for international peace and security and the realisation of the objectives stated or implied in the aims and objectives set out above,” the PPP stated.

The Opposition political party said membership shall be open to individuals and organisations who or which subscribe to the principles and objectives of the organisation.

A resolution calling for the establishment of an Interim Executive Committee to replace the Steering Committee was adopted at the meeting.



Those elected in accordance with the Statues of the organisation are:

  1. Clement Rohee         –        President
  2. Bishop Juan Edghill –        Vice President
  3. Andrew Bishop       –        Secretary
  4. Indradai Ramtahal   –        Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Six (6) persons were elected to serve on the Interim Executive Committee of the organization.

The Interim Body was tasked with the responsibility to garner public support and to launch a membership drive.

The Interim Executive Committee of the Guyana Peace Council has plans to observe activities stated on the Calendar of Activities of the United Nations.

The Council will, at a future date, seek to be affiliated to the World Peace Council.


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