Army/police had operation where gun was found

The area where the gun was found. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith

[] – The gun which severed the right index finger of Godfrey Henry on Wednesday (March 12) afternoon might have been tossed out the window of a vehicle earlier this week to avoid detection by security personal.

The area where the gun was found. [iNews' Photo]
The area where the gun was found. [iNews’ Photo]
During a visit to the area – Hill Foot, Soesdyke/Linden Highway – on Thursday, March 13, today iNews ( was informed that the police and army had a joint operation in the area which saw traffic backing up several feet stretching pass the area where the gun was discovered.

Incidentally where the weapon was discovered, sits a private school which is owned by a couple who were recently charged for treason. iNews ( was informed that the police did not visit the school or the couple in connection with the discovery of the .32 pistol.

The weapon was not found on the school’s premises but rather on the government reserve situated between the road and drain which separates the school from the government reserve.

The discovery was also made while school was already dismissed for the day and as such it was only on Thursday morning that the school’s management was made aware of the development.

In recalling what really transpired on Wednesday afternoon, Phillip Paul the work partner of Paul Henry explained that he was weeding a section to the entrance of the school while Henry was attending to another spot when he (Phillip) heard an explosion.

He said that he first thought that Henry’s blade to his ‘brush – cutter’ broke but upon investigating, he realised that his friend was bleeding from his hand and indicated that he hit a metal object which exploded.

Phillip then strapped the hand of Henry and they began searching for the object which later proved to be a gun. iNews ( understands that the blade of the ‘brush – cutter’ apparently severed the guard to the trigger of the weapon and as Henry picked up the weapon his hand came into contact with the trigger causing it to release a bullet which was already in the breech.

Investigations are being carried out to ascertain if the weapon was used in the commission of any crime.



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