Army rank shot dead execution-style outside Albousytown home

Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Lance Corporal, Kevon Payne, was shot dead outside his home in Sussex Street, Albouystown earlier this evening.
The 22-year-old man was reportedly shot five times at about 22:00hrs.
When INews arrived at the scene, a huge crowd had already assembled outside of his home and several arguments erupted over the police alleged involvement in the execution style murder.
Family members strongly believe that police officers were the ones who shot the young GDF Officer. However, they were unable to detail exactly what transpired.
Other relatives lined the street, hurling insults towards to police officers who were also on the scene trying to gather information from uncooperative residents.
Another group of bystanders related that Payne was arguing with a man on a CG motorcycle when the incident occurred.
Information on the matter remains sketchy.
An investigation has been launched into the shooting.


  1. Army rank shot dead execution-style outside Albousytown home..
    You ent getting nothing from that crowd..They know who gun he donk and they know why he was gun donk.
    All over Guyana that crowd is like that….tight lips..


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