Army medical personnel flown to assist injured in Region 7 plane crash

Ogle airstrip

[] – One person is said to receive serious injuries, following a plane crash at Arau airstrip, Region 7 on Tuesday, March 18, while three others only suffered minor injuries.

iNews ( understands that army medical personnel were flown on a Britten Norman Islander from Ogle to Kaikan, Region 7 to assist the injured passengers involved in the crash.

According to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), accompanying them were investigators from the GCAA who will remain at the crash site to comb through the wreckage for possible clues.

It was noted that Kaikan is the most suitable aerodrome closest to the crash site.

The privately owned Piper aircraft N87619 owned and operated by Bernard Singh crashed after takeoff from Arau airstrip around 11:14 am with four persons on board.

It was reported that three persons received minor injuries while the injury to the fourth person is considered serious.

According to the GCAA, a Guyana Defence Force helicopter was able to locate the crash site almost immediately after private operator Emile Jahan of Hinterland Aviation Inc. who was flying in the vicinity was able to pinpoint its Global Positioning System (GPS) location.

GCAA activated the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) on receipt of a distress message via satellite telephone from the pilot of the downed aircraft.

Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn along with key personnel from relevant agencies are being updated continuously at the RCC.



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